Why Your Breastfed Baby Needs Vitamins

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Why Your Breastfed Baby Needs Vitamins

A dropper of vitamins is the best way to give your baby vitamin D. Simply add one drop to a small amount of formula or expressed milk, and stir to mix. It is not necessary to fill the bottle; use the nipple for more effective delivery. However, if your baby vomits or spits up, don’t give another dose. If this occurs, contact a healthcare provider.

Although breastfed infants get plenty of vitamin D through the mother’s breast milk, it is still important to supplement with a supplement. Experts recommend 400 IU of vitamin D for a full or partially formula-fed baby. Fortunately, infant formulas often contain enough vitamin D for infants, but it is still best to make sure your infant gets enough of it by getting plenty of sun. As a bonus, it’s better to take a few drops before bed than to take several pills or sprays.

Vitamin D is important for infants. While it is produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight, young infants don’t make enough of it on their own and may require supplementation. Insufficient exposure to sunlight increases a child’s risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, mothers may choose to avoid giving their babies vitamin D supplements. For these reasons, doctors encourage breastfeeding until 6 months of age, because it is associated with a reduced risk of childhood obesity and rickets.

In addition to being a vital source of nutrition for newborns, breast milk probably won’t provide sufficient amounts of vitamin D. Since vitamin D is necessary to absorb phosphorus and calcium, too little of it can lead to rickets, which can be dangerous if your child is not adequately supplemented. So, the best option for moms is to give their baby vitamins or fortified foods.

A breastfed baby’s diet will provide the necessary amount of vitamin D, but a supplement is not necessary. In fact, the best form of vitamin D comes from the mother’s breast milk. The amount of vitamin D your baby receives from breast milk is 100 micrograms. In fact, it takes only a few days to make 4,000 micrograms of vitamin D. It’s best to supplement your baby with vitamin D supplements.

Some studies show that babies should get at least 400 IU of vitamin D a day. If you have a genetic risk for rickets or are pregnant, you should start supplementing with a high-quality vitamin D supplement. Aside from being able to give your baby vitamins through breast milk, it also protects the health of your baby. And with enough Vitamin D, your baby won’t develop many other ailments, including diabetes.


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