Three Easy Ways To Catch Fruit Flies In Your Home

Three Easy Ways To Catch Fruit Flies In Your Home

Are you having a hard time trying to get rid of fruit flies in your home? You might be wondering why the hell they are hanging around inside your house and you need to find some easy ways to catch fruit flies in your home. Fruit flies are insects that feed on fruits and will often lay their eggs on the outside of the fruit, but can also be found inside the fruit. They are small enough that they can easily move from one area of your house to another. Sometimes these flies will hit an apple and then transfer to another area but usually, the eggs are transferred from the apple to whatever they are landing on.

There are several different methods you can use to catch fruit flies in your home, but there are a couple of things you should know about those methods before you start using them. Fly strips and sticky traps are two of the main products you will run into when searching for an easy way to catch flies in your home. These items can work, but many people find that they either do not work or are not very effective. The problem is that they are both used interchangeably by many people. This means that you could be taking the wrong steps with one of these products.

One of the easiest ways to catch fruit flies in your home is to stick a sticky lure on them. This can be anything you want, so long as it contains sugar for the fly to feed on. Fruit flies will starve if they do not have any form of food to feed on, so sticking something with sugar inside of it is a great idea. You can try putting a little mix in with the sugar and waiting for the fly to land on it. It may take a few tries to get it to land on the lure, but this is one of the more effective and easy ways to catch fruit flies in your home. Just make sure you wash the sugar off of your lure immediately after hanging it up.

There are some fly control products you will need in order to fully accomplish your goals. One of the best is a fly swatter. This is a device that you hold in your hand and will hit the top of the fly that is landing on the ground. This will kill the fly instantly and prevent it from laying eggs in your home. You should use the swatter throughout the year, as this will prevent most kinds of flies from nesting in your home.

Another product you will need for effective fly control is a bug zapper. This is a device you hold in your hand and will hit the bugs that are flying around in your home. It will kill the bugs, preventing them from nesting and coming back again. You should use this during the summer months, as the bugs that come out of the woodshed are most likely the warmest ones you will find.

The last of the three easy ways to catch fruit flies in your home is called a fruit fly collar. These are the bug zappers that you attach to your flies. You will need these two items in order to fully control your flies. Using these methods will ensure that you kill any that may come into contact with your home.

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